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International School Partnerships
The 2010 White Paper promises ‘space in the school day and resources for school leaders to offer a truly rounded education for all.’

School linking is a fun and immensely rewarding way for teachers and pupils to further student and staff understanding of another country’s culture, academic institutions and how they operate. Partnerships allow students and teachers to question previously held assumptions, evaluate media biases and develop a greater appreciation for difference.


ADAP encourages such partnerships, and has successfully helped to partner St Edwards Church of England and Sixth Form College (UK) with Jamisa Upper Basic School (The Gambia).  


If you work or are associated with a school, and would like to help partner it with a school in Africa, Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information, THANK-YOU.





Development Awareness Days
We put on an array of events to help spread awareness of the programmes we run, challenge typical stereotypes about development issues facing the developing world, and provide the forum for individuals to consider volunteering or engage in other opportunities that help bring about change within the community.




Youth Mentoring Programme…
Coming Soon.