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Story One

 Successfully completed a much needed toilet facility for female students at Kassa Kunda Primary School in The Gambia.





 Story Two

One of our very first achievements was successfully developing a school partnership between St Edwards Church of England and Sixth Form College (UK) with Jamisa Upper Basic School (The Gambia) to help create greater awareness between the two cultures and share & develop skills between the two institutions.





Story Three

Successfully increased HIV/AIDS awareness and helped reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS by engaging with over 350 school children at 7 different schools in Ghana.




Story Four
We have successfully trained over 70 teachers from 10 different schools in Africa, with new and creative teaching practices to help enhance teaching performance and student development in the class room and beyond.



Story Five
ADAP has sponsored over 180 children, who come from poor and vulnerable backgrounds throughout Africa, providing basic school materials. books and clothing.




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