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volunteeringThe overall motivation to volunteer abroad often stems from a need to ignite a personal sense of social responsibility and activism, as well as from a desire to learn about a new country and culture. For some, international volunteering is also a way to gain a new perspective of the world and a renewed sense of the role they play in the world. Therefore, volunteer work abroad can be an intense experience, with opportunities to focus on meaningful global concerns that day-to-day life can't accommodate.


Length of Placements!
We offer short-term placements between 2-6 weeks, depending on the programme. This allows you the volunteer to help make a significant change to communities in Africa in a short time, whilst earning a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Introduce you to new friends
Working together with other volunteers to bring about a change is a great way to bond with others and become part of a community that can stay in touch long after your work is done. Through ADAP's volunteering programmes, volunteers can meet people from a diverse range of backgrounds.


Create more fun in your life
Many of ADAP's volunteers are surprised at how much fun it can be to help others. Not every volunteer experience is the same, but by finding an opportunity that matches your interests, as a volunteer you have a good chance of having fun while giving your valuable time.